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Personal Ministries Director:

The Role According to the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual, “The Personal Ministries leader is elected by the church to lead in training and directing the church in active outreach (missionary) service and is chairperson of the Personal Ministries Council.

The leader trains and directs members in outreach (missionary) service and chairs the personal ministries council. The leader reports in the monthly church outreach (missionary) Sabbath service and business meetings on total outreach (missionary) activities of the congregation.

Duties and Responsibilities The duties and responsibilities of the Personal Ministries leader include:

- Working with Volunteers.

- Planning. The Personal Ministries leader is the key person in helping other leaders of the congregation develop outreach and soul-winning plans. It is the leader’s responsibility to get the key people together early to set goals. 

- Education and Communication. The Personal Ministries leader’s first goal is to help every church member become aware that he or she is witnessing in his or her own way. Every believer is a missionary to the family members, work associates, neighbors and others that they touch every day, whether they intend it or not.

The Personal Ministries leader’s task is to help church members use the unique opportunities and spiritual gifts that God has given to each to accomplish His will. 

Personal Ministries Handbook, page 9 it is essential that the Personal Ministries leader communicate regularly with the church members regularly about their witness and opportunities for service. 

- Program Management. The Personal Ministries leader will be the manager of a number of programs sponsored by the congregation. Some are denomination-wide, international campaigns. Some are local ideas that a small group of members have developed. Each requires careful preparation, adequate supplies and people power, and steady attention to detail. 

- It is the leader’s duty to present to the church, in the monthly Sabbath Personal Ministries service and in the church business meetings, a report on the total outreach (missionary) activities of the church.”— p. 94.

- Assistants may be assigned to coordinate the Bible correspondence school, Bible evangelism, literature distribution, Ingathering (or equivalent appeals), small group ministries, member training, and other soul-winning programs.